Orbotix Sphero Shipments Delayed

We’ve covered the Orbotix Sphero here once or twice, and frankly, I’m really excited to get my hands on one of these devices. Unfortunately, the company has announced that they’ll be shipping them later than expected.

Later note: I got mine in and have posted a review of the Sphero, here.

In an email to the world, the CEO has apologized and blamed production delays and also an underestimation of demand. In addition, I got the email above just today, which makes it look like the Spheros (or is it Spheroes?) may end up being pretty scarce this holiday season. That’s too bad. We wish Orbotix well and are still looking forward to seeing this item. Hopefully sooner than later. Hint! Hint!

Update: It turns out that not everyone who pre-ordered a Sphero got the same email as I did. A reader got an email saying that he wouldn’t be getting a Spero by Christmas, and he was offered a free t-shirt to make amends. I have to say that I registered to pre-order mine the same day that they announced availability, and then pre-ordered mine the same day they became available as well, so it could be that the cut-off is pretty short.

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  1. I didn’t get that email. Mine indicated the Sphero’s arrival after Xmas and offered me a free t-shirt to make amends for the delay.

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