iRobot Announces the New Braava Floor Mopping Robot


Today iRobot announced the new Braava floor mopping robot. Between you and me, it’s obviously a rebranded Evolution Robotics Mint robot, which makes a lot of sense. iRobot’s last foray into mopping robots was widely panned (don’t take my word for it – just check out the reviews of the iRobot Scooba 230 on Amazon)


To put it in a nutshell, the original Mint 4200 is being re-branded as the Braava 320, and the Mint 5200 is being rebranded as the Braava 380t. It appears from the promotional material available, that the robots are exactly the same as the Evolution Robotics ones, even down to to the charging cradle for the 380t. As detailed in the iRobot press release, the Braava series was introduced earlier this year. It looks like the company will continue to sell it’s Scooba floor washing robots.

If you’re interested in these robots, they’re great for sweeping and mopping floors, although the 380t has features which make it better for mopping than the Braava 320. Here are links to reviews: Our comprehensive review for the Mint 5200 (the 380t). Our review of the original Mint (now the Braava 320).

Get the Braava 320 Floor Mopping Robot at Amazon.

Get the Braava 380t Floor Mopping Robot at Amazon.